Shantih Atelier

Suzanne Gergely


YOGA is like music, it is the melody of the soul, and the harmony of your mind creating a symphony for your life.

B.K.S. Iyengar

After many years of high-level sports competition with few moments without being injured and in pain, I discovered Yoga in 2007

After very little time I felt physically in better shape and my soul felt lighter. I continue to learn more and seek to improve my skills in Switzerland and abroad:

  • Basic teacher training, Ashtanga yoga (France, 200h)

  • Advanced teacher training, Hatha yoga (India, 300h)

  • Advanced teacher training, Yin yoga (Switzerland, 100h)

  • Training in yogatherapy (France, 2 years)


Iintrigued by the interaction between posture and the appearance of chronic pain, in 2017, I deepened my understanding in the body in motion with:

  • Rolfing (structural integration)

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Shantih Yoga


Yoga Classes for Adults

This class will be a soft path towards your inner self, to knowing your limits. Compassion and the acceptation of self can be learnt here and now. They are values that with regular yoga practice you can transpose to life away from the yoga mat, to work and to your family.

My recent courses in yogatherapy will help you to synchronise your movements and breathing to find and release the tensions in your body and connect to your inner self.

In order to adapt the postures to each and every participant, the classes will be quiet or dynamic and voluntarily limited to a maximum of 10. This will enable me to give you personal feedback. 

Yoga Classes for Children

Based on movement which is a key element for growing and developing, yoga is different to other physical activities because it is non-competitive.


Through adapted postures, music, singing and a little meditation, these classes will enable children to deal with daily stress and allow them to feel connected to the world around them , to face exams serenely and to reduce hyperactivity. They will also be able to improve their attention span and lessen brusque behaviour.

The GroovyKids ™ Yoga Flow classes are adapted for children from 3 to 12.


9 - 10 h Hatha Yoga Flow

12:15 - 13:15 h Power Yoga (on demande)

18 - 19 h  Hatha Yoga

19:15 - 20:30 h Gentle Yoga


17:15 - 18:15 h Hatha Yoga Flow

18:30 - 19:30 h Hatha Yoga Flow

Classes are tought in German, however some of them could be bilingual if interest

Shantih Yoga [In Sanskrit: Shantih=Peace / Yoga=Union]

Its commitment

Yoga is related to a philosophy of Life that is based on

8 pillars


  • Rules of social and personal ethics (yamas and nyamas) showing respect for oneself and others, leading to values such as non-violence, generosity, compassion, contentment and purity (of words and thoughts).

  • Body work (asanas) to purify the physical body

  • Breathing work (pranyama) where special attention is paid to the breathing in order to clear the pathways for the passage of vital energy (prana).

  • Withdrawal of the senses (pratyahara): The two previous stages then allow us to plunge infinitely gently inside ourselves without being distracted by events in the outside world. In today's society, where all our senses are constantly turned outside, this step allows us to lighten up a little and to center ourselves.

  • Dharana is concentration on a chosen object (the breath, a candle flame, a mantra). The exact translation of the sutra speaks of "binding the mind in one place".

  • If concentration is maintained over time, it transforms into Dhyana, meditation. The meditator's consciousness becomes one with the object of meditation - time, space and causality disappear - and this is the beginning of the great inner journey and the expansion of consciousness.

  • Samadhi is the definitive purification of the mind, the liberation from the constraints of this world. For Buddhists, it is about enlightenment, the state to be attained in order to know the truth of all things. Nirvana, a happiness out of any cause or condition, which is self-sufficient, Peace.

it's a true art of living
  • the union of body and mind through the postures,

    • breathing

    • concentration,

    • the apprehension of one' s limits,

    • a gentle path to oneself,

    • compassion

    • acceptance of what is here and now.


An inner journey  to help you reach energetic and psychic balance


Intrigued by the many physical and psychic benefits felt since I practice yoga, I decided to deepen my knowledge by following a 2-year training course at the Institut of Yogatherapy in Paris.
The positive effects of yogatherapy are vast:
  • relieve a sore back

  • to regulate a digestion that's at its own mercy...

  • regain a deep and healthy sleep

  • managing anxiety attacks and stress

  • reduce pain due to inflammatory diseases
    such as fibromyalgia or polyartrthritis.

  • accompany people suffering from cancer


Individual sessions (approx 70 Minutes)

80 €

Yogatherapy is the application of ancient yoga techniques aimed at the targeted prevention of health problems but above all at the general strengthening of the self-healing powers of body and mind. My work is therefore pure prevention, advice, support and accompaniment, it contains no promise of healing and does not replace a visit to a doctor, alternative practitioner or psychotherapist. It therefore does not represent a therapeutic activity in the sense of a treatment of an illness.