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Tibetan Bowl Massage

The vibrations of the bowls, placed on the body fully clothed, relieve tensions and muscular and energetic blockages and leave you with a pleasant feeling of lightness, of a deep psychic and physical well-being.

You'll feel like you're floating in an ocean of soft, harmonious sounds.

45-50 Minutes


Relaxing massage with essential oils

Classic relaxing massage from my trip to Asia, following the Balinese traditions.

Organic essential oils
30 min. / 60 min. / 90 min.

Specific massage of the back

Beginning with Rolfing® movements, to release deep tensions in problem areas, the session ends with a massage with essential oils.

approx. 60 Minutes


Ever since I discovered yoga,
I never cease to be amazed at the effects of the connection...
from movement to breath over perception of oneself with ...

oneself and with others.

It was during my trip to Asia in 2016,
suffering from hip pain, that I discovered


This was then obviously the missing link in my understanding of the body in movement.

By acting on the connective tissue, Rolfing® allows a better understanding of the body in its interaction with gravity in our daily activities. Long relegated to a purely structural role, connective tissue is constantly gaining interest in the scientific world. It is the only tissue that runs uninterrupted from the toes to the tip of the tongue, the only "thin film" that surrounds muscles, bones and all your organs.

> An accident
> an operation
> the sedentary lifestyle...

can lead to disorganization and/or densification of the connective tissue, which can be the source of chronic pain in the long term.

The targeted work of Rolfing® helps to loosen adhesions and reorganize this tissue. The special feature of this method is its educational component based on the perception of the link with gravity.

Questioned on his posture, his way of moving in the gravitational field, his apprehension of his environment, the customer is a complete actor of the process.

 A Rolfing® Session

Certified since December 2017,
I look forward to introducing you to the various applications of this method.

Session is divided between body reading, reflection on posture and way of walking, manual action on the fascias, re-appropriation of the body in gravity.

approx. 60 Minutes

Discover Rolfing® by booking a back massage that combines Rolfing ® and massage with essential oils and offers deep relaxation.


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