Suzanne Gergely

Bathed in sport and competition from an early age, I first played basketball and then rowed at international level.


Perfectionist, obedient and above all with little experience, I followed the instructions of my various coaches, sometimes to the point of total exhaustion, training 10 to 13 times a week.  It goes without saying that I was often injured and that visits to the osteo, physio and chiro were commonplace. 

In 2000, the end of my university studies in biology also represented the end of my career as a top athlete. However, I continued to have varied, almost daily sports activities, mainly outdoors, but mostly by learning to listen to my body. And everything was very different. The pains disappeared and I never felt exhausted again.


In 2007, in a difficult period of my life, a little to please my mother, who was worried about me, I started yoga.


Initially attracted by the stimulating physical aspect of vinyasa yoga, I was quickly seduced by the physical well-being and lightness of the mind felt after each session.


Through regular practice, I have also noticed that the qualities acquired on the mat can be transferred into everyday life: connection to the breath, listening to oneself and understanding one's limits, concentration and compassion.


For the past 5 years, I have participated in numerous workshops in Switzerland and abroad given by internationally renowned teachers. Once the basic training in yoga was accomplished, I followed a training in Yin Yoga which allows me to bring a calmer side to the practice and to address the tissues in depth.


Also certified to teach yoga to children in a playful way, I can also accompany them in mindfulness.


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In order to help and assist students suffering from chronic pain, insomnia or stress, I have also completed a training in Yogatherapy (2016-2018) and have been certified in Rolfing (structural integration) since December 2017.


After 12 years of teaching biology and chemistry at high school, I decided on January 1, 2018 to devote myself entirely to yoga and Rolfing by starting "Shantih-Atelier" and moving to the Bavarian Alps in the village of Oberau.